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About us

Here at MyLello, we don't believe that everything in life needs constant re-inventing and updating.  We don't particularly care for sleek and shiny.  Many things are simply timeless, and we believe they should stay that way.  Yeah, we're a little sentimental.

You may not find the latest hair fashion craze or loud fabric prints on our pages, but we don't think you will miss them.  Charm never goes out of style and little girls wear it well.  Nothing sets off a pair of bouncy curly pig-tails like a classic set of grosgrain hair-bows, and no baby portrait is complete without a sweet and shabby fabric flower band. 

Hair ribbons, flowers, lace, and sweet vintage charm have endured through the ages, and it is our inspiration to keep this tradition through our designs, colors, and fabrics chosen for each product we create. 

If you need to contact us, please visit this page.